Moringa oleifera Dried Leaf

Moringa oleifera – the Horseradish Tree.

Moringa leaf is famous for its high vitamin levels, particularly Vitamin A. The leaf has recently experienced great attention for its nutritious values, and is much promoted in Malawi amongst farm households to improve the diet of children. Many Malawian farmers grow Moringa trees in front of their houses.

Most parts of the tree are edible. The fruit, the leaf, the flower, even the root. The flavor is sharp and tangy, reminding of horseradish. In the Indian kitchen Moringa leaf is used as a spice in curries for sauces and gravies.

TreeCrops develops a supply chain for Moringa leaf for the international and local market. Much attention is given to the quality of the product as it requires strict hygiene control during handling and processing of the fresh leaf.

The product can be supplied either in bulk as a leaf, or as a milled powder.

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