Baobab Fruit Powder


The Baobab fruit has become famous in the last years due to its nutritious fruit pulp. It is regarded as one of the world’s superfruits.

TreeCrops was one of the first companies in Africa to develop the fruit powder as an industrial ingredient for foods and drinks. Research started as early as 2000, and we have taken a long way to become one of the largest processors in the continent for this product.

The fruit pulp has a characteristic taste and flavor, and is famous for its high levels of Vitamin C and Calcium. The pulp is naturally dry and is processed into 100% pure fruit powder.

Traditionally the fruit was eaten raw in Malawi, often by children. Malawi has a long history of use of the fruit. Most popular are drinks and ice lollies from the fruit, which developed into a multi-million Dollar trade in Malawi alone.

Baobab fruit powder finds its applications in cereals, drinks and smoothies, chocolates and sweets, and even alcoholic drinks. An extract was developed to include it into beverages.

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