The Zankhalango Association

The Zankhalango Association was formed out of the different collector groups that were established over the years to supply TreeCrops with wild plant materials since 2003. The Association is legally registered in Malawi.

In the language of Malawi’s Chewa people  “Zankhalango” means “from the forest”. The name represents the interests that the plant collectors have: forests and their products are an essential foundation of the well-being and social status of the people. It is therefore necessary and madatory to protect these resources from destruction and promote sustainable use.

The members of the Zankhalango Association realize that loss of forest resources means loss of wealth and income. Together with TreeCrops the Association developed mechanisms that help support forest protection and reforestation activities. Buying TreeCrops’ products therefore directly supports initiatives to curb deforestation and further loss of biodiversity in Malawi.