Chris Dohse has lived in Malawi since 2000. A forester by training, he developed a preference for natural products. He saw that the commercialization of wild plant products can create incentives for forest users to value the resources higher and therefore contribute to conservation. Chris set up TreeCrops and SilvaTerra in Malawi together with his partner, Sander Donker.


Rosby Mthinda has been with TreeCrops as a trainer and assistant since day one of the company. Her specific capacity is her social engagement with the communities around her. She trains collectors and is the link between the company and the collector communities. Thanks to Rosby,the collectors have set up an association, which is a free and independent entity in Malawi, representing all the interests at collectors’ level.


Milton Kandoje is Marketing Manager at TreeCrops. He successfully developed Malawi’s market for the Lantana Baobab powder, and is involved in developing industrial market relations.


Peter Kandiado worked with Chris since 2000, and is the purchase and field manager in TreeCrops. Peter supervises quality management at field level and amongst the collectors, and takes samples from raw materials for laboratory analysis.


Wilson Kanthiti is a collector and field inspector for TreeCrops. He works with Chris on special projects under SilvaTerra, when it comes to sourcing of plant materials for Research and Development.


Yophat Mkandawire is the asset manager at the company. He looks after all machinery and assets to ensure smooth operations and production.


Zithole Phiri is responsible for Quality Management at TreeCrops. He is the one to speak to when it comes to samples and testing of products in the factory.


Wanthwa helps in quality management as an independent consultant, and supervises the managers in their daily quality control.

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